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I literally JUST got back from seeing this film. Despite being a little fucked up and reeeaallly "jumpy", the trailer's claim that this was the "scariest movie in decades" is just not true.
Now, mind you, I'm a fifteen year old girl. If this really was the scariest movie anyone has ever seen, I'd be crying so hard I'd be unable to write this review. But it wasn't, and I'm not.

The film, shot entirely with by a couple (or on a tripod) with their home video camera, starts with a guy named Micah taping himself and his girlfriend Katie, as he tells the camera that he will be recording whatever happens in the house, to prove that there is an entity in it. I found it a little out of the ordinary that both main characters believed there was something in the house. There was no "I don't believe you" no "you're crazy" no conflict.
Until some crazy ass shit started to go down. Most of the paranormal action takes place at night, when the couple is trying to sleep. I will say, all of the scenes in which the "entity" in the house made itself known were quite frightening. One of my complaints, however, is that these scenes were rather rare. Most of the intense scenes only took place at night, which means you had to sit there and watch the couple's entire day fold out before anything even remotely scary would happen. Towards the end of the film, more scary scenes started to take place, but the film was slow nonetheless. VERY slow. In fact, this movie probably could have been 45 minutes long.
Paranormal Activity was very unnerving and startling. I'm not saying it wasn't a good film. It was, and I enjoyed it. What I am saying, though, is that there was no need to call it the scariest movie in America, or the scariest movie in decades, or whatever. It simply wasn't that scary. Scary? Absolutely. Scariest? No. It's a good time and the scary parts will scare the living shit out of you, there just weren't very many scary parts, and that's really all I have to complain about. The fact that this film used only a "paranormal" subject matter (rather than blood and guts and knives), and was a very accurate portrayal of what "hauntings" are supposedly like, deserves an applause. I understand that there was really no way to make this visually terrifying without putting some stupid effects into it. And therefore I applaud the film for sticking with straight up paranormal terror, rather than cheesy bloody bullshit. It got rather boring in parts, but again, the few intense scenes of terror were indeed terrifying. Go see this film, you won't be too disappointed. All in all, it was a good film and I'm glad I saw it. :)

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